C -4. The Real Madrid.

After some 36 hours in transit,  admittedly in style, we arrived into central Madrid last night. How cool is that?


The late afternoon views as we flew into Madrid’s Barajas airport were spectacular. Look closely and you can see the shadow of the plane on the fields.

We’ve only spoken to two people so far,  and they’ve got good English to compensate for our very bad Spanish,  but we’ve had lots of fun being corrected for our grammatical mishaps.  I reckon Janet will be speaking like a local in no time at all!!

Our lodgings are about 800 metres from the Palacio Real.  This morning we are going on a walking tour (what else?) around central Madrid, which will involve the Palace plus a range of other sights.  What a fabulous start to our time here in Espana.

But most excitedly, only four days now till the start of our big walk …

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