Mañana en la mañana vamos …

Miércoles 14th Octubre. Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña, Galicia, España.

I had planned that yesterday’s would be my last post, however I have been asked to make a post to record our final day in España.

Even though today’s mode of transport was minivan rather than by pie (look it up!), it was in many ways an extension of our Camino, as it was a trip to the iconic Camino completion towns of Finisterre and Muxia.

Finisterre, which the ancients believed to be the end of the world …

Having following the flechas amarillas for so long, we couldn’t not check out 0,00. This is it …

The day was basically “tourist” day, and a few more photos follow.
Another lovely old bridge, this time at Puente Maceira, across the Rio Tambre.

I’ve written previously about the wind power industry in Spain. Fabulous to see these turbines dotting the hilltops.

The official Finisterre marker (I think).

Some memorials

Near to Muxia is an albergue in a 12th century monastery, and on their grounds is an old horreos – this is supposedly the largest in Spain, and was built in the 1570s. It is now heritage controlled, and no changes to it are permitted. The young hospitalera was happy to show us around (which doesn’t happen very often), and it was quite incredible to stand inside this ancient granary. The temperature control was amazing.

The day ended with our very last vino tinto, at Cafe Agarimo …

… followed by another visit to the cathedral, where we were again lucky to see the botafumeiro swung, and then dinner at a very nice restaurant on my street.

Now I think this is my final post. What I will be doing over coming weeks is updating some detail and facts and figures, and as/when that happens I’ll make a note for the benefit of anyone who wants to check back.

Until then, I can now say a definite adios. I hope you enjoyed journeying with us. Tomorrow we leave España, for a few days in Italy and then home.

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