Cinco Semanas

Can you believe it … it’s been 5 weeks since we left Santiago de Compostela!

El Camino-141

I think I can say with reasonable truthfulness that not a day, or at the least very rarely a day, has passed without our journey across Spain entering my thoughts in some way.

Nothing particularly structured or planned, just random thoughts which pop in and then pop out again seemingly just as quickly. And nothing worth recording here beyond noting that it’s happening. Of course that is quite enough; simply to be aware that the Camino clearly hasn’t left me … not that I expected it to.

And yet I feel that something has changed.  I cannot put my finger on it.  And I’m actually not seeking to label it, other than out of curiosity.  What I’ve noticed is that my emotions are closer to the surface than “normal”.  Silly, sad movies have often caused me to cry in the past, but in recent weeks this seems to have been moreso.  And not just movies.  Things just seem a bit more raw.  Is this a Camino thing, a me thing, or a coincidental thing?  Dunno.  The world is certainly a crazier place in the last few weeks, and I do believe that normally there’s an interconnectedness between seemingly random events and reactions; so who knows?  For the moment I’ll just leave it as something I’ve noticed in the past few weeks, and then see where it goes from there.

I have been delighted by some of the feedback I have received to my blog.  It seems that a goodly number of you out there enjoyed my daily ramblings.  When I started I had in the back of my mind that I might attempt to turn those ramblings into a book.  That, too, is a thought that has not been far from me over the last few weeks, and recent feedback has encouraged me to consider it further.

I actually have a working title in my head – which I won’t disclose just yet.  I was always intending (and still might) call it the same as this blog, but since that title has sort of been taken already, I have probably moved a little away from that.

I have no idea about writing (let alone publishing) a book, and what started out as a little project for me alone seems to be gathering some steam, as they say.  It would actually be rather satisfying to write a book which might even sell.  Who knows?  So, stay tuned on that.  And if anyone has any interest in acting as a thoughtful critic on whatever manuscript I might produce, please let me know.  I’d value and appreciate your comments, critiques and insights.

In the meantime, in just the last few days I have been turned my thinking to my photos, something which, surprisingly for me, for the previous few weeks I’ve not been interested in.  With my somewhat unusual combination of phone photos and proper SLR photos, and allowing for all sorts of duplication and replication, I ended the journey with almost 5500 images.  (John Brierley, the writer of the most popular guidebook on the Camino suggests leaving the camera behind to allow one to simply live in the moment, and rely on memory.  The first is a great philosophy, and the second has some real flaws!  I’m glad I did not take his advice.)  I have whittled my enthusiastic collection of images down to around 140, and they can be found at  It’s still too many.  One day I may edit them down further.  Conversely, one day I will probably create a “seconds” or “almosts” collection for those which I would have liked to have include.

Until next time …

El Camino-140



One thought on “Cinco Semanas

  1. Graham Reynolds

    Thank you Peter

    There can be no doubt that Camino has changed one and that YOU feel that much better for the “pilgrimage ”

    Well done Jane and YOU ŠŠ..your photos are sensational Š..thank you. I enjoyed your stories.

    Also thanks for your intercession once again at PlusLife.

    Exciting times ŠŠŠ..and a lot of hard work to get us there ( should we arrive !! ).

    Kind regards


    PS The 2003 era is over with Dennis and Jim retiring last Friday from MDAN InsuranceŠŠŠand so the baton has been pssed.

    Graham N Reynolds 27 Bay Rd Claremont WA 6010 Ph: (61)(08) 9386 6641 Mob: 0411 596 622

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