C -7. One week

Today is our last day in Australia.  Next Saturday morning,  only seven days away,  we will take our first steps out of St Jean Pied de Port, and take the first of our million steps towards Santiago de Compostela. (And oh, a disclaimer … I first decided on the name of this blog – One Million Steps – some 5 months ago, long before I became aware of a very similarly titled book by Mr Kurt Koontz.  I have subsequently purchased Mr Koontz’ book – it arrived only this week and I have enjoyed what I have read so far.  I hope no-one is offended by the similarity of titles – that was a purely accidental coincidence.  But if my little story turns out to be as enjoyable a read as Mr Koontz’, then I will take it that the universe has played a clever serendipitous trick!)

Packed,  yes.   Fully organised,  probably not.   Now we just go with the flow.  En la manana vamos a ir a el aeropuerto.

El Camino-1

And for our last night in Australia for the next couple of months, our farewell dinner at our favourite Indian restaurant, in South Fremantle, WA …


Stand by for future updates.

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