Six Months

Almost 6 months has now gone by since we reached Santiago de Compostela.  It seems both a long time and a short time, if that makes any sense at all.

We have returned to “normal” life with all its dramas and distractions.  Tasks to be completed; clients to be serviced; community work to be undertaken; family matters to be attended to; friends to visit and entertain; future trips to be planned – no wonder the 6 months has gone quickly.  My completion certificate (not my Compostela; I opted not to get one of those) sits beside my computer as a reminder.

My book progresses.  Today I reached a bit of  a milestone; the 25,000 word mark.  I think I am about a third of the way through.  I’m trying to remember all the detail so that I can represent the walk accurately.  And at the same time I spend time researching some of the fine detail of the places we have visited, and the some of historical events behind them.  I am really enjoying the task, and I am learning a lot at so many levels, but writing it is hard work, harder than I thought it would be when I first dreamed up this goal.  I wonder how the final manuscript will feel …  [And isn’t the word “manuscript” such a delight – from the Latin for “hand” and “writing” – so yesteryear.]

I made a commitment to myself today that I would aim for publication on 13 October this year.  That is 12 months to the day since we walked into Santiago.  Working backwards, that means I have to submit my manuscript on 17 July. I have about 30 more days to write about, and each day is taking me at least 4 hours, so 17 July will be a stretch.  Will it matter if I don’t make the 13 October publishing date?  No, it’s an arbitrary, romantic date, but I’ll aim for it anyway.

Until next time …

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