The Day After

Martes 13th Octubre. Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña, Galicia, España.

Well here it is – not the purpose of walking, but certainly the official recognition of having done so …

The man at the Oficina del Peregrino had a good manner about him. I was asked to complete the personal details form, which included declaring whether I had completed the journey for religious/spiritual or “tourist”/cultural reasons, and as covered in previous posts (and the ensuing comprehensive FB discussion), I chose the latter. Kindly, I thought, he explained that that meant I would not be awarded a Compostela. I responded that that was vale, and so after a total of no more than 5 minutes at the office I was done. Happy.

And here’s part of the evidence – the all important credencial, this time stamped by the Oficina

Today has been a day of slightly sore ankles (and continuing strong legs), some ongoing emotion, and general exploration.

As had been expected, the cathedral is half shrouded in scaffolding, and so not the most picturesque. It is what it is.

It would seem that they swung the botafumeiro again this morning. J had gone to the hairdresser (I had gone to the laundromat – domestic chores are never that far away), and I tracked her down at the peluqueria (with Melie!) and then went exploring. First stop was another squizz at the nearby cathedral.

As I entered (just after 1 pm and therefore as the midday crowds were dispersing) I could smell the incense. Lovely. I got this quite nice shot of the mostly still burner with its residual incense hanging in the air.

Is this a fitting end? Will the beard make it back to Oz?

A quiet dinner tonight, and another big sleep.

So for now, it’s Adios, Amigos.

ps – I’ve been pressed back into service for one more post …

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