Not lost …

Camino Day 12, Viernes 18th September. 286 klms.

Today was a tough day.  We estimate that we walked somewhere in the region of 30 klms, not that that was the initial plan.

It was a day full of great scenery, interesting sights, getting off track, and several hours on the pavement as we got into Burgos (on the unintended path).

After an early breakfast at our strange little hotel (which was a few klms off the path), in the beautiful pre-dawn light we set off and headed by country road into the lovely little village of Ages. The café was busy so we decided to keep going to the next town.

The walk was delightful. It was freezing cold (only 4 degrees according to the weather app), and bright and completely still. Just beautiful.

I have many photos of the day, but the internet here is very patchy, so I need to work out a Plan B on posting those. I may have to simply rely on Janet’s periodic FB updates. (Update – looks like I can make work a bit. )

Next stop was Atapuerca, which is the home of the earliest humanoid archeological discoveries in Europe. We didn’t stay long in this village (long enough for a coffee), and time, and distance, were agin us going to explore the discovery centre. I think it would have been quite fascinating though.

Our wanderings continued, and we chose the “green” path, which had good/bad consequences. We chanced upon an almost unmarked site of a 4/5000 year old funerary monument (mound) not far from the village of Villaval. Just sitting there, barely fenced off, in the middle of a wheat/sunflower paddock.

We could see Burgos clearly by now, and so headed down towards it. We were never “lost” but we certainly did get off the way-marked path. Didn’t see a soul for a couple of hours. The end result was that we ended up in Villafria, on the outskirts of Burgos, with what turned out to be over a 2 hour walk to our lodgings, all on hard pavement. The room I’d booked is a couple of klms on the other side of the city, and whilst that will shorten Sunday’s exit, or was an unwelcome addition for today.

Janet on the unintended path ...

So we really didn’t admire Burgos on the way through. I have to day that the cathedral is one of the most magnificent buildings I have ever seen. Tomorrow we will go and see it properly.

Tomorrow is a very much needed R and R day. We’ll explore the city, hopefully do some clothes washing, and prepare for Sunday’s departure to Hornillos del Camino and beyond. And hopefully figure out the photo thing.

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